Beware of Amazon product reviews: New research finds they can mislead you
Online reviews of services and products are meant to give other consumers a quick idea of their quality. Though helpful in most cases, new research has pointed towards the possible disadvantages of becoming heavily reliant on reviews. The team behind a recent study discovered that consumers will often prefer... Read more
The lying cretin who served as the Obamacare architect has lost a job over fraudulent billing allegations
You may remember him as the geeky, infuriating academic who designed Obamacare — the same guy who once said Americans were “too stupid” to understand the nuances of a law that was never honestly presented to them in the first place. His name is Jonathan Gruber, and he’s just... Read more
As the entire world falls apart around us by the day, it seems, it’s worth remembering that we’ve done something amazing together over the past 10 years or so: We’ve achieved remarkable success in revolutionizing the food industry toward “clean food.” Just think about all the victories we’ve helped achieve together... Read more
Scientists at National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) may have come up with an unconventional plan to save the United States from the supposed explosion of the allegedly newly active volcano at the Yellowstone National Park. Lying underneath the Yellowstone National Park is a huge magma chamber called a caldera, which is responsible... Read more
Cutting back on soda intake and replacing them with water may lead to significant weight loss within a year, a recent Consumer Reports study revealed. According to the report, drinking 20 ounces of water in place of the same amount of soda may help a person ward off as much as 119 cups... Read more
Flat tires and weak rubber bands may very soon become a thing of the past as researchers from the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) recently developed a new tough, self-healing rubber. While self-healing materials are not new, engineering the same properties on dry materials such as rubber... Read more
Women who reside in areas with plenty of outdoor lighting at night may want to reconsider their living situation. The researchers behind a recent Harvard study uncovered a link between higher levels of nighttime outdoor lighting and increased risk of breast cancer, reported the “In our modern industrialized society, artificial... Read more
One of the main reasons why voters gave Republicans control of the House, Senate and White House was their promise to repeal and replace the disastrous Affordable Care Act, also known derisively as “Obamacare.” But six months into President Donald J. Trump’s first term, the GOP has failed miserably... Read more
While there have been countless books, movies and television shows about life after some type of apocalyptic event, chances are none of us will ever actually be forced to experience what its like trying to rebuild society from the ground up. More than likely, the majority of us will... Read more
By now it is pretty self-evident that the United States is fighting a growing obesity problem. Most of us are aware that a diet low in fresh fruits and vegetables and high in junk food, along with a lifestyle virtually devoid of physical activity is making Americans overweight. Now, a... Read more